Understanding Agribusiness, Value Chains, and Consumers in Global Food Systems (edX)

Institution: University of Adelaide via edX
Accreditation: QS Ranked University
Intensity: Self Paced
Duration: 4 weeks
Hours per week: 2 to 3 hours per week
Free/Paid: Free, Paid

This course introduces the concepts at the core of agribusiness, such as value chain thinking, market dynamics, and the changing nature of consumer behaviour, facilitated by The Centre for Global Food and Resources.

As well as learning how supply chains and value chains differ, you will learn what makes agribusiness unique. This course will provide you with an understanding of the food market and the distinctive factors that influence it. The importance of consumer choice will also be explored as well as the impact of changing food demand on agribusinesses. Students will gain an understanding of the concepts being discussed through the presentation of Australian agribusinesses.

As agribusiness faces increasingly complex challenges and opportunities, this course will help you think differently about them.

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