Sustainable Agriculture (edX)

Sustainable Agriculture (edX)
Institution: State Bank of India (SBI) via edX
Intensity: Self Paced
Duration: 4 Weeks
Hours per week: 1 to 4 hours per week
Free/Paid: Free, Paid

Agriculture needs serious reforms to cope with the challenges of a growing world population and climate change. In this course, students learn about the different methods of sustainable agriculture that can be applied in many countries. It also examines different farming systems for increasing food production in order to meet the growing population’s needs. Further, it explains the importance of ecological farming practices based on scientific innovation.

The course coverage includes Hydroponics and Aquaponics, Organic Farming, and technology in Sustainable Agriculture and Precision Farming. The course is free to take. An upgrade version with certification is available at USD $149.

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