Earn Extra Income With Profitable Broiler Chicken Production

Institution: Udemy
Intensity: Self Paced
Duration: 1.5 hours
Free/Paid: Paid

This course focuses on chicken welfare, including proper housing, spacing, feeding, mixing and formulation of feed, heating and lighting, hygiene practices, vaccination and sick chicken symptoms. The use of herbs to prevent and treat certain diseases will be included in an extra section. A number of notable diseases will be discussed including bird flu, new castle, coryza, inflammatory bowel disease, mycloplasma, ascites, and colibacilos.

Additionally, the course discusses how to plan, implement, run, and evaluate chicken production.

Upon completion, you will have a comprehensive business plan that includes (budgets, cash flow, housing plan, equipment, and procedures), which you can use for your own planning or to apply for funding.

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