Professional Certificate in Animal Breeding and Genetics by Wageningen University (edX)

Institution: Wageningen University & Research via edX
Accreditation: QS Ranked University
Intensity: Self Paced
Duration: 3 Months
Hours per week: 4 to 6 hour/week
Free/Paid: Paid
Total Fees (USD): USD $298

This Professional Certificate Program covers the design, setup, execution and optimization of animal breeding programs, genetic improvement, and the conservation of genetic diversity. It covers aquaculture, regular livestock, and poultry. The program is offered by Wageningen University & Research, one of the world’s top 200 universities.

In this program, students will become familiar with population, quantitative, and molecular genetics principles. Biological aspects are also taught through the numerous hands-on assignments. The knowledge gained from these courses will be useful for professionals working with animals in order to understand the impact breeding has on animal populations and to use genetic principles in their decisions. This program will also prepare students for further studies in animal breeding, such as a master’s degree program.

In particular, this program will be helpful for those who breed cows, poultry, horses, pigs, dogs, sheep, fish, and shrimp. In terms of career prospects, those interested in aquaculture, commercial breeding companies, and animal genetics will benefit from this program.

Photo credit: Van Gooien

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