Bachelor & Master of Science in Horticulture and Natural Resources

Institution: Kansas State University
Accreditation: QS Ranked University
Specialization: Horticulture
Delivery Mode: On-campus
Intensity: Full Time
Duration: 5 years
Total Fees (USD): USD $127,800
Intake: Aug 2022, Aug 2023, Jan 2023, Jan 2024, May 2023, May 2024

Horticulture and Natural Resources combined bachelor’s and master’s degrees allow exceptional undergraduates to earn both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in five years, a shorter timeframe than would normally be required for both degrees if pursued separately. The M.S. can be obtained as a thesis or non-thesis degree.

Both course work and research experience will be included in the curriculum. It will prepare graduates either for careers in the private sector or for advanced degrees. A combined degree may provide entry-level positions with higher responsibilities, higher pay, and rapid career advancement opportunities for students seeking private sector employment. The rigorous training and dual degree program (thesis option) will give students interested in pursuing doctoral degrees a competitive edge.

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