Becoming an Aquaculture Expert (1 to 3)

Institution: Udemy
Intensity: Self Paced
Duration: 4 hours
Free/Paid: Paid

Your first step toward realizing your ideas to produce fish sustainably is becoming an Aquaculture Expert (Part 1). In this course, students will learn how aquaculture can be used to farm seafood sustainably and strategically.

This course contains 17 lectures that include explanation videos, quizzes, and notes to help you test your understanding. References and links to additional resources of related knowledge will be included in the notes.

Students who successfully complete the course will have an understanding of basic aquaculture concepts and general principles involved in aquaculture systems, such as ponds, cages, recirculation systems, raceways, and aquaponics.

Besides fish, you can also choose from a variety of other aquatic animals and organisms for commercial use or self-consumption. The course highlights all of them and provides printed copies.

Also, this course will guide you to the proper factors you should consider before purchasing land for your aquaculture farm if you are in the middle of choosing the right location.

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